Thursday, October 25, 2007

the old, the fat, and the ugly

Well done, Philly! Not only are we fat, we're the ugliest, too!


I just found that article over on Watching Paint Dry and couldn't resist commenting a little.

I mean, really, these stories and such are so far away from reality as to be laughable-and this really is laughable. Expecting much 'reality' out of surveys like the one quoted in the article is like expecting reality shows to be, well, real. Seriously, how are we going to compete with the surgically augmented denizens of South Beach?

The real sorry aspect of the situation is that there are going to be people and media outlets here that will fan the flames of 'controversy'. There will be all sorts of 'Beautiful Philadelphia' pagents and photo-ops with local pseudo-celebrities, like slick haired weathermen and bubbly news anchors. There will be a search for the 'Ugliest Philadelphian' others will call for a full-frontal boycott of Travel & Leisure Magazine that will go nowhere and mean nothing...just like the survey.
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