Tuesday, August 14, 2007



Nothing ends off a short, before-work studio session like a door falling off it's hinges. Not just any door, but the right side of a double door that opens out to the fire escape. Luckily, I was closing up shop and had a good grip on it. If I wasn't holding it, my day, and possibly some unfortunate pedestrian four floors below, just might have been a touch above shitty.

The funny thing is, the same thing happened last week but I was able to at least temporarily fix things by replacing some old screws with new ones. The problem as I saw it this morning, was that the wall side of the hinge is attached to metal, but beneath the metal is concrete, which is loose from the first screw holes that were in it.

So I have to leave the door propped up against the inside of the frame and left side door with rope tied around it and the other door's handle. At least I have a window to open right next to it that can be opened to let air in. Now, all I need is for it not to rain over the next few days until things are fixed. I'd best get some plastic handy just in case...
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