Friday, July 20, 2007

Logan View project complete

Two views of south 17th Street from Callowhill. These were a couple of the photographic studies I did for the painting which is seen in the bottom photo. The painting is titled South 17th and measures 60" x 50". My part of the overall project was the 'cityscape' aspect. The other artists involved each had a general theme to work with that had something to do with the building itself or some aspect of the city.

The challenge of this project was ending up with something of a recognizable image of the view outside the front doors of the building. As seen in the photos above, I took a lot of liberties with the original scene while leaving in some of the forms that hint at the real buildings. I left out much of the detail to focus more on a general sense of the view. The view is above the horizon as if someone looking south on 17th Street was in the midst of looking up or returning their gaze to a lower perspective.

Even though this piece is tighter-looking than most of my work these days, I liked that I had the freedom to interpret the scene as I saw fit; if there was any hint that what was wanted was a more 'realistic' depiction, I wouldn't have taken this on. Not that I couldn 't do it, but anyone who is familiar with my work knows that I have no interest in depicting what is already there.

The painting was delivered and installed yesterday and I've been told that it's gotten good responses from the building's owner and others there. That's good to know. My own response has been that it's ok. I'll have to see it installed, which will happen next week sometime.

Monday, July 16, 2007

fall ahead


Recently completed a commissioned painting for a project at the Lofts at Logan View condominiums, a project facilitated by Bridgette and featuring not only my work, but that of Rebecca Rutstein, Clark Gibson, Allen Bently, and Deirdre Murphy. I'm quite happy to have it out of the way so I can concentrate on the works I'll be showing at the Art Alliance in the fall.

The title of that show will be called Stratum and will continue some of the ideas I was working with in some of the paintings I showed in June at Bridgette Mayer. I'm looking forward to having the large walls of the first floor gallery to hang work on. I think I'll have some works on paper for the smaller space. I have several ideas I'm working on, so anything is possible.