Thursday, May 03, 2007

statements, pt. II

Here's the statement I wrote up earlier this week. This version is written in the third person because it's being used for an ad for my show in the Gallery Guide. I've written statements like this before, but it's always a little strange to write about one's self in the third person. I'm going to rework it in the singular voice and change a couple of small things, but overall, I think it works for where I am with my work at the moment....

"When is Now"

Inspired by the ambiguities created in the chaos and quiet of overlapping events that make up everyday life, from the macro to the micro, Tim McFarlane continues to challenge himself and the viewer with the exploration of painterly linear abstraction. At the same time, he is moving his paintings into new directions in this new body of work.

McFarlane employs a loosened, wet-on-wet technique to produce networks of sometimes dense, layered fields of color in his new compositions. This technique allows for a wide spectrum of color and brushstroke complexity from one layer to another, creating shifts in depth without the use of traditional perspective.

McFarlane also engages the viewer with a heightened sense of emotional content through the use of rectangular canvases. While relying on a mostly square format in past works, here McFarlane has shifted to the horizontal and vertical. The format allows for expansion of the forms across the painted field while also enabling the viewer the potential to connect with the works through his or her experiences in the world, thus creating an open-ended emotional space for the viewer to explore.

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