Thursday, May 17, 2007

Almost there

Detail of new painting

I'm in the home-stretch with preparations for my next exhibition. Most of the work is done. I'm just trying to finish up a couple of final pieces before next weekend. As usual, I'm seeing the light at the end of a long tunnel of wrestling with paint, ideas and deadlines. Just a few weeks ago, I was seriously wondering if I'd be able to pull it all together and have enough work to show that I was happy with.

So far, so good. I'm still scrutinizing what I've been working on but for the most part, I'm satisfied with what I'm seeing. I still need some time to take in what I've done; I'm way too close to it all. I think that once I see the work outside of the studio and have a chance to reflect, I'll start having a clearer view of what I've been doing.

One of the things about having shows is being able to look at the paintings out of the studio context. Putting them in a new context that's outside of my own internal world, where they sprange from, gives me the chance to look at them with new eyes. Most of the paintings have already been out of the studio for the past week and-a-half. They had to be photographed and were then delivered to the gallery so my only contact with them have been through photos and memory.

It'll be interesting to see what I think in a couple of weeks...


Kesha Bruce said...

Hey there, just linked through to your blog from ....somewhere else.

Great paintings! I can't wait to see more of what will be included in your upcoming show.

Good Luck!

Rebecca Crowell said...

I know what you mean about seeing your work in a different context, and with proper lighting, clean walls, good can walk into a gallery exhibit of your own paintings and think, wow, who did this stuff? I'm sure it will be a great show--congrats.

Tim McFarlane said...

Thanks, Kesha and Rebecca!