Monday, April 09, 2007

Studio visit with Jessica Puma

Jessica Puma studio visit (4.06.07)

Went to a friend's studio for the first time today. I've known Jessica Puma for about a couple of years. We've been talking about trading studio visits for at least the past year. You know how life goes sometimes; you're busy, they're busy, you fall out of touch and back again. Anyway, we finally got our act together and hung out at her work space for a bit Friday afternoon...

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Jessica Puma studio visit (4.06.07)Jessica Puma studio visit (4.06.07)Jessica Puma studio visit (4.06.07)Jessica Puma studio visit (4.06.07)Jessica Puma studio visit (4.06.07)Jessica Puma studio visit (4.06.07)Jessica Puma studio visit (4.06.07)

Jessica is a painter but for some months now, she's been working on drawings with collage elements in them. Her formal concerns are architectural, but on top of that base she forms layer upon layer of emotional content. Part of her process involves using parts of old drawings and bringing them into the new work, forming new surface and emotional textures.

According to Jessica, her drawings evolve "organically", meaning there's no preplanning involved and resolution comes slowly. There's a lot of going back and forth between unfinished drawings, letting them sit for a bit then adding lines, forms, or glueing something down here or there until the drawing is completed.

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Anonymous said...

Jessica Puma is an important artist- as architectural designers say: she knows where to put the lines - the next wave after deKooning, Rauschenberg, Judd. Low key dynamite. Numinous line of sexy sublimity.