Friday, October 06, 2006

Morning Light

On my way to work one day last week, I was struck by the light of the rising sun and how it affected how the streets looked and what they felt like. There was something about that particular time of morning, especially the strong light that seemed to push the shadows to the side. It was that point in the morning when these residential streets were pretty empty, but not very far away, expressways were still clogged...

Morning Light-Queen Street
Morning Light: Queen Street

Morning Light-Catherine Street
Morning Light: Catherine Street

Morning Light-Fitzwater Street
Morning Light:Fitzwater Street

Morning Light-Monroe Street
Morning Light:Monroe Street

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,

Beautiful photos. I love the calmness in the morning in Philly with the craziness on the margins (expressways). The only annoying thing is the occasional traffic helicopter above.

Hey in re your previous post: I discovered but haven't used Center Valley Incorporated for stretchers. They have the hardware that allows you to expand the stretcher to tighten the canvas if it gets loose later on. They're high quality and free delivery, but more money that French Canvas. Check it out. I figure if a grant ever miraculously appears in my mailbox I might invest in some -- that would be the same grant that would allow me to buy linen, sable brushes, and stay home to take the kids to school everyday. Ah yes, if only life were fair.

Hope to make your open studio,

Jim Erikson