Friday, May 07, 2004

Good day in the studio even if it was somewhat short. I got in there a little later than I planned but nevertheless, I accomplished something. I'm excited about the format change I'm experimenting with. Basically, I'm going from using all square canvases to painting on rectangular ones also. Makes a huge difference as spatial relations between forms change since there is a wider area to play with.

My studio time is really precious this week as I have to work an extra day and tomorrow is First Friday. There are three openings I have to attend. The first is the annual student show at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts. I know at least five people in thier last or next to last year who are exhibiting. Then, and I just found this out today, two instructors I know from the university art department at Temple are having shows in Old City: Marilyn Holsing at Gallery Joe and Larry Spaid at Snyderman.

Also, there is this big rally in Love Park tomorrow at 4pm to protest the $4 million in budget cuts for arts organizations and recreational centers in Philadelphia. Our illustrious Mayor Street thinks the heads of these organizations can raise the funds with just "a couple of phone calls". Sure the city's budget needs to be balanced, but does it really make sense to remove funding for organizations which bring in much more money in taxes and fees than they get from the city?
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