Friday, April 09, 2004

Alright, the mail comes this morning and I see that my return envelope from the Greater Harrisburg Arts Council is here. I open it to discover that not only did one of my paintings get into the 'Art of the State' exhibition, it's the same painting that was accepted in to the annual exhibition at the Cheltenham Center for the Arts. Luckily, the Harrisburg show begins after the Cheltenham show but the delivery date for Harrisburg overlaps the tail end of the first exhibition.

That's what happens when you send out slides all the time and forget which ones you send where. It's ok. I didn't think I'd get into both shows, let alone have the same painting chosen for two shows. It's a good thing.

I need to find the phone number of a fellow artist. We tentatively set up tomorrow as a studio visit day, but I forgot to call him earlier this week. Then I noticed that I hadn't put his contact information in my personal phonebook. I know I have it, I just have to find it anomgst my pile of folders next to my desk.
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