Friday, March 26, 2004

Went to the Kara Walker opening this evening at the Fabric Workshop. As expected, it was way crowded. Walker was there to do a one-night performance. The exhibition is the first where she is using video projections in her work.

The performance was held in the main gallery but was also projected in the studio area. It was hard to really appreciate her performance because of the amount of people talking and milling around in the lobby. I didn't see the work first-hand, but I'll go back to check it out. It was good that she had such a good turnout, but it was just way too many people in the space.

I'm sure I would have enjoyed what she was doing more if I were closer to the screen and speakers. On the other hand, I think the staff should have enforced a 'no talking' zone in the lobby out of respect for the artist and those of us trying to take in what was going on.

Saw Joni there and talked to her for the first time in months. She's been drowning in school work. Saw Mark Blavat, also. He needs to find another studio soon.
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