Friday, March 26, 2004

Spent some quality, if not a long, time in the studio yesterday. Sometimes the shorter sessions are more productive and satisfying than the 10-12 hour marathons I sometimes find myself caught up in.

I made good progress on two new 24 inch square paintings and a work on paper. While I waited for one thing to dry, I was on to doing something else. That's my pattern. I like to make the most of whatever time I have in the studio.

Deb and Allen said they are going to move into the space next to where we are now. I'd love to be able to take over the whole space once they're gone, but I just can't figure it into my budget. So, I mentioned to my friend, Gabrielle, that a space may be opening and she's interested in moving in. Gabrielle's needed a space to paint for a while and I think she'd be a good studio mate, so I guess we'll go ahead and make it happen.

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