Thursday, March 11, 2004

The second review of my exhibition at the Bridgette Mayer Gallery came out today in the City Paper. The first was in the Philadelphia Weekly a couple of weeks ago. Both reviews are positive and capture the spirit of my work really well. It feels good when someone you don't know looks at your work and is able to connect with and write about it in a way which reflects a careful study of and appreciation for what the artist is attempting to convey.

Though they serve a good purpose by bringing the public's attention to my work, I don't base my self worth as an artist on them. It's really important to see a review for what it is: an opinion. And hopefully an informed one. In my case, I've been lucky in that the writers, Roberta Fallon (Phila. Weekly) and Susan Hagen (City Paper), took some time to really study the work and write honestly about it without resorting to over-intellectualizing my painting. In both pieces, there is a very heartfelt response to the work that I appreciate.
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